Moolala Dream Kit

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As promised, here is the "Moolala Dream Kit". It is comprised of a worksheet and three videos that will take you through a process to help you determine what you want in life. I know that might seem like a tall order, but this is Step 2 of The Moolala Method and it is a crucial part of getting a handle on your money so yo can live the life you want.

Worksheet: Print this out and follow along

Download Worksheet

Video #1 - Where DREAMS and GOALS fit into The Moolala Method

The Moolala Method has 5 steps to it. This video will give you perspective on where dreams and goals fit within the bigger picture.

Video #2 - Determine what you want - The Approach

In a traditional sense, "financial goals" generally refer to retirement and funding your kids' education. But if you think more holistically about "life goals", you'll find that most of them have a price tag attached. Yet the current "retirement" focused approach doesn't account for things like travel, charity and a second home. The Moolala approach has you think broadly about what you want for your life, providing you more incentive to get off your duff and go get it.

Video #3 - Determine what you want - The Exercise

Time to dream about the future. Grab your beverage of choice, get comfortable and let's get to work.