Stop stalling and plan

Woulda, coulda, shoulda: Stop stalling and come up with a plan

What are the two most important things that separate people who achieve their dreams from those who don’t? Is it brains, connections, trust funds, hard work, or maybe just dumb luck?


The two most important things that people who achieve their dreams have are 1) a plan and 2) an ability to take action on it. Forget about taking action for a second. Very few people actually take the time to simply develop their plan to get a handle on their money and put it on paper.

There are many formats you can use to organize your plan. Here’s mine.

-Objective: What I want to accomplish.
-Goals: How I’ll measure what I want to accomplish (ie. a number)
-Strategies: How I’m going to about achieving my objective.
-Actions: What I’m physically going to do to achieve my objective.
-Completed by: The actual day by when I’ll have the actions accomplished.
Here’s an example:

Objective: Eliminate credit card debt.
-$12K to 0.
-By Dec 31, 2012

Strategies/actions/(completed by):
-Reduce spending
Put credit card in freezer (Nov 1)
Cut up all store cards (Nov 1)
Restrict trips to mall to 1X per month (Jan 1)
Shop only with a set list (Jan 1)

-Increase income
Charge kids rent (Jan 1)
Get 2nd job on weekends (Nov 1)
Take in a boarder (Jan 1)
Sell gold earnings (Nov 1)

-Automate payments
Set up $1000 auto withdrawal to high interest card on pay day (Jan 1)

I know it seems too simple. But for a lot of the stuff you have to deal about money with it really IS that simple.