Sabbatical in Spain

Sabbatical in Spain: How the Moolala Method helped get us to our goal.

I spent the month of May in Spain with my partner Dennis and our 18 month old daughter, Abby. You will not be surprised to hear that we had an incredible time – playing in the sand on the beach in Barcelona, shopping at the mercato for fresh seafood in Seville, hiking the trails above the monastery in Montserrat. It truly was a brilliant break from every day life and underscores two key concepts from the Moolala

1) Determine what you want: Over a year ago we decided on a goal to live in Spain for the month of May 2011. The goal was both inspiring and specific which made developing the plan much easier. We had to book time off from work, plan our route and organize flights and accommodation. And while there were a lot of logistics to manage with a baby, having the goal in mind kept us really focused.

2) Be creative in how you can afford it: We brainstormed many ways to get to our goal without breaking the bank. Some of the creative cost saving ideas we used included:

-Subletting our home back in Canada.
-Negotiating with our daycare to stop payment while we were away.
-Booking flights using airline points.
-Staying in apartments for at least a week at a time, instead of pricey hotels.
-Shopping at local markets and eating at home instead of dining out.
-Inviting others to come visit us to share accommodation costs and also give us some free childcare.

Moolala is about getting a handle on your money so you can live the life you want. What do YOU want? Spain? A home reno? An education for your kids? Whatever it is develop a plan to get it.