June 2011 Archives

Credit Card Craziness: Shifting the responsibility back to us.

I have been doing a lot of media interviews lately that focus on the massive credit problems facing consumers across North America. Recent studies show household debt levels at all time highs, and increasing. On a recent call-in show there were two comments that encapsulated the key issues for me.

Sabbatical in Spain: How the Moolala Method helped get us to our goal.

I spent the month of May in Spain with my partner Dennis and our 18 month old daughter, Abby. You will not be surprised to hear that we had an incredible time – playing in the sand on the beach in Barcelona, shopping at the mercato for fresh seafood in Seville, hiking the trails above the monastery in Montserrat. It truly was a brilliant break from every day life and underscores two key concepts from the Moolala

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