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March Madness: What college basketball can you teach you about family finances.

The team that takes the championship in the annual "March Madness" basketball ritual will have mastered many skills. One in particular will be an ability to work together to achieve the designed outcome. Great teams have role clarity – be it point guard or power forward. The same is true when it comes to managing your money at home. An online tool to help you keep on top of your goals

Readers of Moolala - the book know how passionate I am about the power of both goal–setting and community. Determining what you want, then letting your friends and family know what it is helps you access the support, ideas and accountability that they can provide. Now there is a online way to make engaging your community even easier. It is called

Relax: Avoid the retirement fund panic by taking two super simple steps.

The push to contribute to your retirement plan – be it an RRSP or 401K – can be really stressful. Save yourself the angst by planning ahead.

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