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A company match made in heaven: Taking advantage of employer perks

We used to call it 'shopping at the company store'. Going through the benefits handbook and finding out how to take advantage of all the various perks our employer offered. In today's economy those perks might be few and far between, but many employers still offer a matching program to help augment your retirement savings.

Frugality and spending are neither virtues or vices

I drive a 1997 Honda CRV. I have always driven used cars, except for a short period when I had a new car for my job. Why? Why forego the reliability, bragging rights and delicious smells that come with buying a new car? Because I want to spend the month of May with my family in Spain. I am very clear that saving up for, or borrowing to buy, the latest model year would reduce my options to travel. And I'm not willing to make that trade-off. But I wouldn't call that being frugal. Some people would think we're insane for what we'll be spending on the apartment in Barcelona and the tapas to go with it.

Patrick's Moolala Goals include milking a poisonous snake

My nephew Patrick is 12 years old and in grade 7. We had dinner a few nights ago and he told me he'd been reading Moolala. He pulled out his list of goals and proceeded to knock my socks off. Here are a few of the sixty-seven goals he wrote down: Learn to juggle while balancing something on my face, see Elvis' grave, milk a poisonous snake, raise $1 Million for child soldiers, play a Gibson SG model cherry red double neck guitar, experience weightlessness, try some pungent cheese and, last but not least, discover an element. Yeah. As in the periodic table.

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