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Having a child: A goal that doesn’t really feel like a goal.

Our daughter Abby is currently taking her afternoon siesta while I sit nearby finishing this post. Her arrival is the attainment of a goal that was really important for my partner and me. But now that we have her in our arms, it seems really odd to think of having a child as a “goal”. The word seems crass and oversimplified, even though it fits the definition. A goal is defined as “the result to which effort is directed”, and certainly our adoption took effort.

The year is 2020 – What has your tax refund done for you?

The push to file your income taxes is upon us. After you submit your paperwork, you may be one of millions who receive a tax refund cheque a month or two down the road. But before you start salivating about how you’re going to spend that cheque, I want you to ponder this question:

Where will my tax refund make the biggest difference 10 years from now?

Dancing on tables - the Task Force on Financial Literacy

The Task Force on Financial Literacy is conducting public consultations across Canada and online until mid -May. I had the privilege of presenting to the blue ribbon panel during its Calgary stop. While I didn’t actually dance on the table, I did have a passionate and engaged discussion with the members, including Don Stewart, the CEO of Sun Life Financial. They have a big and important task and I was really impressed with the commitment and intelligence of their approach.

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